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Pilgrimage for Peace in Ukraine

16 July 2016

Seen on Facebook: A procession called “Prayers for peace and love in Ukraine” is taking place from July 3 to 27. Thousands of clergy, monks and prilgrims are walking with little breaks constantly praying, with microphones singing hymns, Akathists and saying prayers. Priests sprinkling holy water, many people getting out of their cars and getting baptized. Children throwing flowers on the road in front of the Mother of God icon. At a monastery a layer of flowers is already prepared.

Pilgrimage for Peace in Ukraine

Thousands of believers join the all-Ukrainian cross procession at Pochaev Lavra / OrthoChristian.Com:

In the morning of July 9 right after a prayer service at the Dormition Cathedral the all-Ukrainian procession of the cross started from the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra, reports the information and education department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC MP).

The procession of peace, love and prayer for the Ukraine is headed by Metropolitan Sergy of Ternopil and Kremenets, Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev, the Lavra’s abbot, Bishop Seraphim of Shuya, Rector of the Pochaev Theological Seminary. and All the Ukraine July 3 to 27.

The all-Ukrainian cross procession of peace, love and prayer for the Ukraine is being held with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All the Ukraine July 3 to 27.


On July 3 the faithful setting off from the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra walked through the Donetsk region, reached the Kharkiv region and are currently moving towards the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. On July 28, the Day of Baptism of Russia, the two cross processions will meet at the Holy Dormition Kiev Caves Lavra. At the end of the all-Ukrainian cross procession of peace and love a prayer service will be celebrated at Vladimirskaya Gorka (the St. Vladimir’s Hill).

But not everyone is happy about this.

Ukrainian nationalists make a provocation during the all-Ukrainian cross procession / OrthoChristian.Com:

On the evening of July 12 young people in camouflage from “the Right Sector” extremist group along with paid activists arranged a provocation during the all-Ukrainian cross procession on the way from Svyatogorsk to Kiev, reports the Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC MP).

On that day the cross procession participants were to walk from Valki to Chudovo and finally reach Poltava.

At the border of the Kharkiv and Poltava regions the faithful were met aggressively by extremists in automobiles along with several members of the Azov battalion. A column of the provocateurs walked parallel to the pilgrims, crying out rude insulting slogans and all sorts of slander, intimidating the faithful, and defiantly filming their own provocation.

A nationalist counter-demonstration

A nationalist counter-demonstration

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