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Call for papers: Synchroblog on New Monasticism

8 March 2008

The theme of the March Synchroblog is the New Monasticism.

Phil Wyman writes

Seeing this is month of both St. David’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day – New Monasticism is an appropriate topic for this month’s SynchroBlog as was suggested by Steve Hayes from South Africa.Let me know if you are interested in adding your thoughts by releasing a Blog on this subject simultaneously with others next week. Thursday, March 13th is the release date for the blog.

My own contribution is Treasures old and new, and will have links to the other contributions when they become available.

If you would like to participate, see the January Call for Papers for general information and contacts.


The links to the other posts are now available:

Phil Wyman at Phil Wyman’s Square No More
Beth at Until Translucent
Adam Gonnerman at Igneous Quill
Steve Hayes at Notes from Underground
Jonathan Brink at
Sally Coleman at Eternal Echoes
Bryan Riley at at Charis Shalom
Cobus van Wyngaard at My Contemplations
Mike Bursell at Mike’s Musings
David Fisher at Cosmic Collisions
Alan Knox at The Assembling of the Church
Sam Norton at Elizaphanian
Erin Word at Decompressing Faith
Sonja Andrews at Calacirian

For more links see and on Technorati.

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